lets talk differences

What does Disability Dogs do differently than others in your field?

Our organization does NOT believe in a one-size fits all mentality. While individuals may all have a singular diagnosis their needs, symptoms and triggers are all very different. Why wouldn't the requirements and dispositions of each dog be different.

What is your training methodology?

All of our dogs are provided with a solid foundation in obedience. Once the dog understands manners and respect, the dog is introduced to foundations of public access. Each dog from our facility will have a minimum of 100 hours of training before being considered for placement.

Which types of dogs does Disability Dogs train?

The dogs that are considered for our program are all temperament tested and pressure tested to learn their triggers and reactivity levels. We consider dogs from professional breeders, shelters, and personally owned dogs.

What does Disability Dogs do differently than others in your field?

We believe that training can be customized to each handler on an individualized basis. Our program offers mobile training clinics nationwide, interactive online training, and video training. We also offer private training at our facility. We do NOT have fixed timelines, we customize to the team.



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