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We are in the process of going non-profit. Due to the current climate we have been facing unexpected delays. Are you looking for the perfect dog to meet your specific needs? A working friend and partner you can count on daily and is more to you than “just a dog”?
Our organization is dedicated to proving high quality service dogs that are custom tailored for YOU and your needs. Disability Dogs provide clients with service dogs at little or no cost for Veterans and First Responders. Disability Dogs is based out of Gainesville, FL. There are multiple training options to chose from for your exact needs.
We believe in Cooperative Training techniques which allow YOU to be involved in the training of your your dog. Although we try our best to work with our clients existing service partner, there are times when a dog is not capable of completing the mission goals set for them. In that event, we do our best to accommodate the needs of the client. If your dog is not capable of rising up to the challenge of your specific needs we offer program dogs at little to no costs to you.
Our organization is involved with several reputable breeders that provide our organization with quality prospect dogs. Unlike many organizations we whole-heartedly believe in the value of cooperative training (training your dog with you) to produce successful service dog teams.


Talk Numbers

The average actual cost for training a service dog starts around $3500. The amount is based on the trainer being paid $10 an hour and costs of feeding and caring for a dog. Our program is blessed that we have a unique team of breeders that hold selected puppies and raise them for our organization. We have several foster families that help raise the extras. Unfortunately, we seldom have enough money to cover our dog food expenses, much less veterinary expenses. We have a $20 application fee for all applicants. If you are asking for an owner trainer/ cooperative training program there is a $100 fee to cover the technology expenses. If you are requesting a dog be placed there is a $500 placement fee to help cover the expenses of feeding the dog while being trained. Together we will be able to improve the mental health of our veterans and first responders.


My Story

Training a dog to meet the needs of a person with exceptional needs is a personal mission. As an individual that suffers from personal disabilities, I remember the feeling of desperation and need to find a dog that would allow me to regain my independence. Calling non-profits, facing millions of stipulations, 3-5 year wait lists and filling out forms without getting responses. Calling for-profit organizations and learning that a car would be more affordable than a dog to regain my freedom, lead me down this path. My disabilities forced major lifestyle changes. These leading me to find a way to bridge the gap of locating and training service dogs that are affordable.



Disability Dogs is committed to providing service dogs to our veterans and first responders in need. Our philosophy is to help everyone in need. We believe if you are qualified for a dog, you should get one. While many believe they may not deserve a dog because others may need one worse. Truth is if we can improve individuals' lives we can create a community of supportive handlers that will be able to pay it forward. Our organization is dedicated to providing proactive and directed tasking service dogs.

Our service dog programs offers a multitude of options to ensure you end up with a service dog that meets your needs. Service dogs for PTS, autism, ambulation issues, and diabetes are usually available. All dogs have a foundation and selected based on needs, then finished once selection and bonding is completed. There are also Emotional Support and Therapy Dogs available


PTS Service Dogs

PSD Service Dogs are intended for veterans and first responders that are struggling with issues associated with PTS. Individuals and families are all faced with the negative impact of mental health challenges. By providing a dog that allows the individual to regain their sense of control they are able to begin healing. Our dogs are trained to provide tasks such as: blocking, behavior disruption guiding, DPT, and rousing from nightmares.

Mobility and Medical 

        Service Dogs

Mobility and Medical alert dogs are available on a limited basis. Many of our PTS dogs are capable of learning how to assist our individuals with assistance with sitting, standing, positional shifting, and balance assistance. Our Medical dogs are trained to notify individuals in changes of cardiac function, blood pressure, and chemical variations. While many of our dogs are capable of providing these advanced tasks the time required to obtain them is notably longer.

Additional Services

While we are a service dog organization, we understand many people that are in need of a service dog, and may not qualify for one of our program dogs. We do offer training services on a limited basis at a reduced cost. If you believe you are in need of a service dog please take the time to complete our application for consideration. Once the application is reviewed, a phone consultation will be conducted to determine if we are able to assist you in your training needs.


“A dog will teach you unconditional love. If you can have that in your life, things won’t be too bad.”

Robert Wagner


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